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We're a full-service Microsoft Bing Ads agency driving growth

Campaign Setup

We create Bing PPC campaigns, from ad group creation and keyword selection to copywriting, graphics, and beyond.

Keyword Research

We conduct in-depth keyword research, identify relevant terms to target, and ensure your ads reach the right audience.

Ad Copy Creation

Our Bing Ads experts develop compelling ad copy that highlight your your products and services offering.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We optimize landing pages for a much better user experiences to help improve post-click conversions and Quality Scores.

Leads Tracking

Our experts implement conversion tracking, monitor actions users take after clicking ads, and provide insights for strategy refinement.


With the Jell Growth dashboard, clearly see your metrics in one place and know what campaigns are driving the most sales.

Targeted advertising

Jell's Bing Ads services are focused on delivering your message to the right audience at the right time. Through keyword planning, ad campaign optimization, and audience targeting, we ensure that your ads reach the most qualified prospects needed to lift your click-through rates and conversions.

Cost-effective campaigns

We understand the importance of cost efficiency in advertising. Our Bing Ads campaign strategists provide expert campaign management to optimize your budget allocation for maximum impact. We continually monitor ad performance, adjust bidding strategies, and A/B test ad variations to achieve the best results within your budget.

Data-driven ads

Our approach to Bing Ads is rooted in data. We provide in-depth reporting and insights that allow you to track campaign performance, understand audience behavior, and make better ad decisions. Our transparent reporting ensures you have a clear view of your ad spend and return.

Scalable campaigns

Whether you're a small business looking to increase local visibility or a large enterprise targeting global buyers, our Bing Ads agency services are scalable and adaptable to your campaign goals. With Jell, easily expand or adjust your advertising efforts as your business evolves. Our flexibility ensures your paid ads strategy remains in line with your growth plan.

Build better campaigns with Jell by your side

Get more value from your Bing Ads campaigns. Hire Jell to build, manage, and grow your sales revenue.

Hire Experts

Work with our certified team of digital marketing experts to help deliver impactful PPC campaigns.

Save Time

Focus on what you do best while we plan, manage, maintain, and measure your PPC program.

See Results

Your website deserves more growth, and we'll help you get there by using the industry's best tools.

Expect great things from your marketing agency

Jell is a full-service digital marketing agency that partners with brands to tackle their most important marketing challenges.


Make it easy for your customers to find you organically with search engine optimization.
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Page Optimization
Keyword Research
Link Building
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Email Marketing

Build, deliver, and measure personalized email campaigns that nurture your audience.
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List Segmentation
A/B Testing
Drip Campaigns
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Paid Ads

Drive sales revenue with pay-per-click campaigns on search and social media.
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Campaign Management
Targeted Reach
Conversion Tracking
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Website Design

Attract more visitors to your website with beautifully designed pages and layouts.
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Responsive Layouts
Visual Branding
User Experience
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Social Media

Engage, grow, and convert your social media audience into loyal, paying customers.
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Content Creation
Engagement Boosting
Community Development
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Public Relations

Generate brand awareness through impactful public and media relations campaigns.
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Press Releases
Content Distribution
Media Monitoring
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