How Segment generated $600K in sales pipeline

Segment is a B2B consultancy that saw $600K in new sales deals from Jell's marketing services.
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Segment, a leading SEO company specializing in B2B solutions, approached the Jell team with the goal of overhauling their digital presence, improving SEO performance, optimizing their email marketing, launching effective PPC campaigns, and managing their social media profiles. Their ambition was to not only improve their online visibility but also generate substantial business growth through digital channels.


Segment faced several challenges with its online presence. Their website suffered from high drop-off and bounce rates, indicating a disconnect between user expectations and the site's content and design. Despite offering top-tier services, Segment struggled to secure prominent keyword rankings, making it challenging for potential clients to discover their offerings. Their email campaigns lacked consistent branding, creative assets, and effective targeting strategies, resulting in poor engagement. Previous PPC efforts fell short of expectations due to misaligned targeting and ad creatives. Lastly, Segment's social media profiles remained underutilized, necessitating the development of an effective strategy to engage their target audience.

“Jell did a wonderful job bringing our digital marketing together.” Rama Hatahet, Growth Lead


Website design services: We conducted a thorough analysis of Segment's website, identifying pain points and areas for improvement. A complete redesign was executed, focusing on user experience and visual appeal. The result was a decrease in drop-off and bounce rates, and an increase in overall engagement.

SEO services: By conducting in-depth keyword research and optimizing on-page and off-page elements, we successfully improved Segment's rankings. Notably, they achieved the coveted first-page ranking for competitive keywords like "xml sitemap robots.txt" and "seo management services."

Email marketing: We revamped Segment's email campaigns by implementing personalized content, eye-catching creatives, and tailored CTAs. Automation workflows were established to ensure timely and relevant communication with their audience.

PPC services: Our team restructured and optimized their PPC campaigns, aligning them with specific target keywords and demographics. This led to improved ad relevance, higher click-through rates, and increased conversion rates.

Social media services: We developed a comprehensive social media strategy that encompassed content creation, scheduling, and engagement. By sharing valuable industry insights and engaging content, we nurtured a loyal online community.


Pipeline growth: Through our collective efforts, Segment witnessed a significant increase in their sales pipeline, with deals amounting to $600K in value.

Lead quality: The number of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) surged by an impressive 38% since the start of the campaign partnership.

SEO improvements: Segment's new SEO strategy resulted in top-ranking positions for key industry-specific keywords, driving organic traffic and brand visibility.

Email engagement: With revamped email campaigns, they experienced heightened engagement rates, including better open and click-through rates.

PPC success: Delivered quality clicks, more conversion, and a higher ROI compared to previous efforts with our targeted PPC campaigns.

Social engagement: Segment's social media profiles transformed into more engaging platforms for industry insights.


Website Design by Jell
Website Design by Jell