Sebala increases new resident applications by 25%

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Sebala, a local assisted living provider, recognized the need to revamp their website to better communicate their commitment to enhancing the lives of their residents. Seeking marketing expertise, they turned to Jell, an emerging digital marketing agency specializing in web marketing solutions.


Sebala's previous website, though functional, failed to capture the essence of their compassionate approach to assisted living. The site lacked cohesion in design, struggled with navigation, and conveyed limited information about the senior and assisted care they offered. This gap between their offline reputation and online portrayal impacted Sebala's ability to connect with prospective residents and their families. The challenges included:

Outdated design: The website's aesthetics did not reflect Sebala's modern and caring approach.

User experience issues: Navigating the site was confusing, leading to user frustration.

Limited information: The services offered were not adequately showcased, and left visitors uninformed.

Lack of trust building: The site didn't effectively convey Sebala's dedication to providing a safe and nurturing environment.


Jell conducted a detailed website audit and analysis of Sebala's objectives, values, and target audience to devise a buyer-persona-relevant web strategy. The goal was to create a website that not only highlighted Sebala's values but also facilitated a seamless and reassuring user experience.

The following services were provided:

Website redesign: The Jell team undertook a redesign, making the Sebala website more contemporary and inviting.

Enhanced navigation: Intuitive navigation pathways were top of a mind for a framework that ensured visitors could easily access essential information.

Content marketing services: Landing page, website, and blog content were written, which noted Sebala's range of assisted living services, amenities, and testimonials.

Visual storytelling: Jell integrated impactful imagery that captured the warmth and care central to Sebala's assisted living community.

Trust-building elements: Emphasis was placed on incorporating trust-building elements like certifications, affiliations, and a virtual tour of the home.

“The Jell team built a functioning, mobile-responsive site for our assisted living facility.” Khaled Azzam, CEO


Aesthetic Brilliance: The revamped website radiated a contemporary and compassionate aura, in perfect alignment with Sebala's ethos.

Enhanced User Experience: Navigating the site became a breeze, significantly reducing bounce rates and increasing user engagement.

Comprehensive Information: Visitors were now empowered with comprehensive insights into Sebala's services, fostering informed decision-making.

Building Trust: Trust-building elements instilled confidence in visitors, leading to increased inquiries and applications.

Performance Metrics: The website witnessed a remarkable increase in page views by 70%, demonstrating the improved user experience.

Conversion Uplift: Sebala experienced a 40% increase in inquiries and a subsequent 25% rise in new resident applications.